Ready to Jump In?

(If you need more information grab a copy of my Retail and Online Arbitrage Overview here - Retail & Online Arbitrage Bird's Eye View)

This module consists of two things:

  1. A series of reports that will help you navigate the various forms of sourcing products and provide a roadmap for getting you to your goals.  The cost of this is $0.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.
  2. The Proven Amazon Course which includes “Proven Online Sourcing Strategies” and about 9 other courses.  It is currently priced at $299 (Or 3 Payments of $109), which is a steal for everything you get.  Plus every single new course that Jim Cockrum (creator of the PAC) and his team release will be included in the PAC at no charge!  So once you get in, you're in for life!

If you use my link to buy the Proven Amazon Course I'll sweeten the pot with 2 Bonuses:

  • 1

    $25 Rebate on the Proven Amazon Course

  • 2

    Access to my Bonus Reports which will cover topics like...

    • Where to find someone that will work for pennies to find you profitable inventory
    • How to almost totally eliminate your competition on a listing
    • How to have store managers calling you when they get new inventory
    • And much more!

    To get the Proven Amazon Course and my 2 Bonuses ($25 Rebate and Bonus Reports) use this link:


    To claim your rebate and get your Bonus Reports do these 2 things:

    1) Get access to my short reports here -

    2) Send an email to me at with a copy of your Proven Amazon Course receipt.

    See you on the inside!